I recently started to use this Chobani chili lime for marinading chicken breast for around 24 hours and it makes some of the most juicy chicken I have ever made!

I've cooked a lot of chicken breast.

Is there something in the yogurt that helps break down tissue, like enzymes or something? I love the way it tastes too, ill be making most marinades from here on out with some yogurt in the mix!

I used to like to cook thighs, but my husband avoids them due to the veins; I read that there is some vein along the bone that can contain blood even when the meat is done. I'm not sure if this is a health issue, or only cosmetic. I think it's possible to remove the vein, if you know how. Some people don't like to see any red or blood.

Perhaps barbecuing or basting with red sauce is a good way to cook it to hide the red.

Personally, my favorite is breasts with bone, which I get for $0.99/lb.

But we normally cook them on the outdoor grill.

There are a lot of tricks to make a breast more flavorful.

  • Poach them to keep them tender, then brown them quickly for some texture
  • Sear quickly, then bake in a pan with a bit of chicken stock, to keep it from drying out too much
  • Cut the breasts in half longwise, creating 2 cutlets. Pound flat, bread them (optional), then saute. Thin, even cutlets cook more evenly on the stove top than whole chicken breasts
  • Brine or yogurt-marinade the breasts before sauteeing or roasting if you want something even more tender
  • Eat chicken thighs instead

Thighs are cheaper. Breasts routinely get down to 1.99/lb. in some places, but I've seen thighs for half that if not cheaper. What's the ratio like elsewhere? My brother told me that he generally speaking, buys chicken breast for ~3.99 /lb. Delicious leg quarters are $0.98 at their local market.