So I was just at my Bernina dealer test driving a 765 and they gave me a little test quilt sandwich to try out on the machine and it had some kind of fine mesh between the batting and the fabric!

I forgot to ask what it was, but when I got home I googled "mesh quilting".

I think it was batting with what looks like a flexible protective layer at the top. Wonder if that's what it was?

I have an Aurora 430 and while I love it, my husband has been starting to make noises about maybe upgrading me.

I have the stitch regulator and it is great!

As far as quality goes, my machine is a tank and I've never had a problem with it though I am a bit obsessive about cleaning it. Learning how to load a front loading bobbin and use the automatic needle threader was a bit weird, but it's great now that I'm used to it.

Of course I am playing it cool (for now), but I really would like a machine with the embroidery software built into the machine. Right now I have to connect to the computer and do all sorts of confusing things, resulting in very little embroidery being used.