If you're only going to cook the chicken on the stove, then either pounding it thinner will make the cooking process faster and easier to not over cook. You can also butterfly the chicken breast for the same effect.

If you have a bigger chicken breast that you want to leave whole, then searing oven is one of the best methods of cooking it. The main problem most people run into is overcooking the chicken and the beast way to counter that is thermometer.

It'll lead to a more juicy and tender chicken breast. Look into brining also as that'll up the flavor and moisture.

A marinade is different form a brine in that its main ingredients are oil and vinegar (or some/several types of acid.) Marinades are great for chicken and a fine substitute (but really a different thing) for brining. Usually with marinades, you leave the marinade on the meat when you cook so it really retains a lot of the flavor. I did this by accident once with a brine and it was a bit....ridiculously salty.