Well it was a whirlwind party. I never saw myself hosting a baby shower. But then I never had one for my children. I am in my first marriage, my husband who is 15 years older than me already has a 23 year old daughter and she is now the proud mommy of a lovely little baby girl.

About five months ago we had a baby shower. And before you ask, we are more like best friends than the mother daughter duo. She is young, smart and full of life and we just hit it off. So when she asked me if I would host the baby shower it felt like a really good fit and I was glad to do it.

You will get clothes, lots and lots of clothes.

My livingroom was so swamped in clothing it looked like the department store after a sale.

As we were sorting it all out she would comment on this piece and that.

And while it is nice to have all the newborn and 0-3 months stuff ready to go when baby gets here (because no one wants to be cutting off tags and doing laundry during that phase) it dawned on us that . That said, we DID end up with a lot of clothes she will never put baby in. I'd wait to wash stuff until after your baby shower at least so you know what you're working with.

I noticed while I was sorting out the clothing that you need to make sure you don't just sort by the size the brand puts on the clothes. Some brands run small, and I had many outfits I didn't get the proper use out of because I had them in storage for when she was older. Actually hold the clothes up to each other and you'll get a good idea of what belongs where.

I have heard many people say that you should just buy 12 month or older things because people tend to only give little baby clothes and forget that the baby will grow quickly. But there was a nice mix. Sure there were more baby clothes. But I think if she has to purchase new clothes it will be around 9 month and over mark. Which would be nice since we can make use of the stuff on clearance now will fit her next spring/summer.

I think that we are in a unique situation. Sure we had a lovely shower, and I invited some of my friends that would have been left out if somebody else had doe it. I everything that I read has said it is tacky for the mother to host the shower.

I am not the mother in the traditional sense, and due to the minor age difference it doesn't seem right either.

Now I think it's considered "tacky" to throw your own shower, and in cases like that they usually have someone pretend to be the host and then you still end up do all the planning?

Like a friend.

Give them the credit, but plan the details? I personally don't think it's a big deal but people tend to get weird about it. We did get a couple of comments and I just shot them down. I said that I saw her as my best friend and if she would have been my daughter I must have gotten pregnant at eleven.

And I think that the times really are changing.

Times change, customs evolve, what's SOOO shocking today will be common place tomorrow.....

Look at us we really are a patchwork family. But I have always loved quilts the best.

As for the cleaning there was just so much. It took me two whole days and I was tired afterwards like you wouldn't believe.

I think timing decides food. If you have the shower at noon people expect lunch. If you have a 10:30 "brunch" it's more snacks or afternoon party it's more snacks as well.

We held in at five and it was because that was when the most people could attend. That felt like I was responsible for a full meal. That was the mistake.

I had to clean the carpet in multiple spots.

But we had a fairly healthy set of guests there. They enjoyed the food and drinks. I know some people say that you shouldn't invite that many people. But I think you invite anyone you aren't ashamed to ask for a gift from. My guest list was practically RSVPing itself before it was even official so that is why it grew so big. A baby shower is a "shower of gifts" so whoever you think is reasonable to ask for gifts. And that is why we ended up with such a healthy set of clothes.

My step-daughter, yuck - that just sounds wrong, was thrilled that I was willing to do it for her. But I made her promise that she would never let her daughter call me grandma. My husband teased me and said that I am the hottest grandma he knows.

Some things that I can say I took away from the whole thing include:

  1. I would definitely do it at home. Just anticipate the clean up and parking.
  2. Invite as many people as you're comfortable hosting. My sister had 60-70 people attend her shower in a much smaller house and it was not crowded or uncomfortable
  3. Finger foods are great as long as you don't schedule it at a meal time (11-2 or 12-3, for example). Schedule it 1 pm-3 or 4 and you'll be golden.