My 16 year old sewing machine died this weekend. It was a sewing date with one of my friends. I transported my sewing machine to her house. And shortly there after it died.

I used her new Janome over the weekend and did not like it, but she said it would take some getting used to before you got the hang of it.

Mine came with a built-in walking foot, which I use for everything, but is really essential for quilting. Having to attach the add-on walking foot to the Janome was a pain in the ass, and then the clearance under the presser foot was so poor, I doubt I'd have been able to get a quilt sandwich under it. I've never used anything but my Bernina either.

What I like is that Janome is the only sewing machine company that makes their own machines. The 8900 is a great machine. Janome machines hardly break and they don't need to be oiled every 8 hours of sewing like the Berninas.

Janome has a jam proof bobbin case and the 8900 is awesome because it comes with the plexiglass table and all the feet you need for quilting. Bernina feet are typically more expensive. I'm not sure what comes with the 770.

But the 8900 has the Accufeed feet, auto thread cutter, knee lift bar and 1/4" piecing foot that comes with the machine.